Recent Work

The most common question I'm asked is why I use the collaged paper. Acrylics can be thinned to watercolor consistency using water or various glazing mediums. The gessoed surface of a canvas is not the best arena for such fluid mediums so I had first tried working directly on paper. I wanted a stiffer surface that would resist warping so I started collaging newsprint onto canvas. After whitewashing with gesso and sanding, the surface has a nice tooth and behaves like watercolor paper. The lightest washes of color can be used to the heaviest brush strokes. In some places the newsprint is legible adding a depth and interest to the image, sometimes the words play an intricate role in the painting's meaning.

Consoling Angel
Armor Against Wonder II
Confident Angel
Evidence of Impermanence
Steiger's Facade
Sleepy Watcher
Conventional Matrimony
Forgotten Detail
There was Graphiti on Heaven's Door
Armor Against Wonder I
What Keeps Us In or Out
Aristotle Said
Watson and Crick's Idea
The Sky Outside Above it All
Garden Beyond
South Carolina
Unoticed Detail Worth Noticing
Rose Window